Bear Wildlife Area

The brown bears faunal area was inaugurated in summer 1994.
The creation of this area was suggested since 1991 by Spormaggiore Proloco Association and it has been planned for the survival of last specimen in their natural state present only in the area of Spormaggiore.

The naturalistic area also covers the following tasks:
Recreative – turistic task
The area is good for a walk in a natural environment and for watching some brown bears specimens in their natural habitat;
Didactic task
The compound is linked with the Visitors Centre of the Adamello Brenta Park lodged in “Corte Franca” palais in Spormaggiore.
The Centre deals in detail with the presence and survival of the brown bear in the Park and in Trentino in general;
Scientific task
Since its extension and environmental characteristics, the faunal area allows studies on some behavioural characteristic of bears;
Conservative task
It has the aim to preserve in good environmental and sanitary conditions those bears which lived in a captivity state.
The faunal area is in the outskirts of Spormaggiore, at Albarè - Plan della Fontana and it has been established bounding by a masonry and metal fence the pre-existent wood.

In the park there is a unique opportunity to closely observe the brown bear, the largest mammal that lives in the Alps, and who returned to populate the forests of Trentino thanks to the reintroduction project. Here you can admire in a completely natural three specimens living within an area of 7000 square meters.

Since 2010, the park also hosts other wildlife species typical of the Alps: the wolf. Of great interest will also be an area dedicated to the animal farm where you can see ponies, rabbits, goats, chickens, sheep and lambs.