For the people that want to test the verticality, the Paganella offers both natural and man-made gyms.

In Andalo, at the sports center near the Equestrian Center, there is a structure of 13 meters with 10 climbing routes ranging from 5° to the 7° grade and operated by Alpine Guides. Is request a professional equipment or the presence of an alpine guide.

In Molveno is present:
  •      Natural climbing gym S. Antonio, in Ischia, closed from the town center: there are 50 ways ranging progressively from a minimum of difficulty to a maximum grade III to VIII.
  •      Small cliff at Lake Nembia (a few minutes from the parking Nembia) 20 meters high with 10 climbing routes from 6b to 7c. Fix bolting. Boulder. Climbing wall in the square of 6 meters is open two nights a week in the summer for children and teens, is operated by Alpine Guides.
In Fai della Paganella, in the sports palace, is positioned a fixed structure (6 m.) Pool with a current presence of 10 climbing routes ranging from grade IV to VII. Obligation to climb with appropriate equipment or mountain guide.

In Cavedago, along the road for Santel, there is a natural rock climbing 25 meters called "healthy recreation" by way of medium / high level of difficulty from 6a to 8a.

The natural cliff "I Sasedei" in Spormaggiore, a few meters from the ruins of Castel Belfort, reaches a maximum height of 15 meters. There are 10 climbing routes with resin-coated steel pitons that are progressively difficult from a minimum of the V to a maximum of VIc, with a prevalence of V.