Paragliding in the Brenta Dolomites: a dream that comes true at Molveno, in front of its lake, in a magical world worthy of being considered one of the most beautiful places to fly in.
Paragliding in this area is quite easy for a recently qualified glider, yet it can be very rewarding for long distance gliders.
The Ora, a local, southerly wind , from Garda Lake ensures many hours of gliding. You can start feeling its influence at an altitude of 1600 / 1800 metres upwards. Under this altitude there is a band of linear wind, nearly never turbulent, with a speed which goes from 15 to 25 kmph, depending on the time of day and the time of year. The Ora blows from March to September/October and its maximum intensity is between noon and 6 pm. The entire South facing ridge, on which the two take off pistes are situated, is the perfect gym of dynamics thanks to this wind.
For those who want to fly higher, 200 metres further up here is the second take off piste.  From here, in a North-West direction, you can glide up towards the Croz dell’Altissimo and admire its spectacularly disquieting rock face, (obviously in downwind avoiding the small valley between the take off summit and the rock face). Once you get to the rock face, a mix of dynamics and thermal lifts generated from the rock will push you up between +4 and +6 m/s to the summit of the Croz dell’Altissimo  (mt. 2339).
The official landing piste is down by the lake, in a place known as “Pozze”, but there are numerous places to land in case of an emergency landing.
Luca Donini, the 2001 world champion paraglider and 2006 European champion, lives at Molveno and often flies  over his home village.
Why not come and experience the sensation of freedom?
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