Villages and Culture

Discover the culture and traditions of our region, with the distinctive scenery of the ‘Masi di Andalo’ farmhouses, Museo delle Arti e dei Saperi in Fai della Paganella showcasing art and crafts, the charming old town of Molveno, or the hidden charms of Italy’s most beautiful villages in the surrounding area.

Visit villages, savour the tranquillity: for example, the nearby hamlets of Deggia, Moline and Maurina, each with their own particular charm.

The distinctive sanctuary in Deggia, dedicated to Our Lady of Caravaggio, surrounded by a number of “masadeghe”, ancient dwellings which were once commonplace in this sunny village, which are still home to some families.

During your stay on Lake Molveno, do not miss the church and cemetery of San Vigilio, which date back to the 13th century dedicated to Bishop Vigilio who died in 400 AD, as well as the Taialacqua Sawmill with its wheel driven by the waters of the Rio Molini.

A visit to the Museo delle Arti e dei Saperi, showcasing arts and crafts in Cortalta near Fai della Paganella, will transport you to a past which has been lovingly preserved.

The history of the region is told through small objects, artefacts which have been restored such as the unusual machine for making sauerkraut.

Some of Italy’s most beautiful villages are close to Paganella, such as the mediaeval villages of Rango and Canale di Tenno.



VISIT ANCIENT VILLAGES TO SAVOUR THE TRANQUILLITY Visita i borghi, assaporando la quiete  Paganella is located in the heart of Trentino, in the ...


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How to find us

How to find us

Paganella is a magical place with countless hidden corners to explore. Find out how to get here and get inspired by our mountain resorts here in Trentino and all they have to offer: Andalo, Fai della Paganella and Molveno are waiting for your visit!

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